Our Philosophy

Cause no harm.

I believe in the wholistic approach, mind, body and spirit. We wild harvest and grow with respect for the plant and Mother Earth; asking permission and making an offering, taking only small amounts as needed.

Harvesting at the proper time, above ground portions or roots, for each individual plant. Wild harvested and grown herbs are organic but not certified.

Our products are not standardized. Standardized products are the result of using harsh chemicals to extract what is "thought" to be the main active ingredient. These chemicals not fully removed, and trace elements remain. When we isolate compounds and synthesize them, we have left out all the other working ingredients, naturally produced by the plant.

Our body functions as a whole, plants are the same. The one constitute that may seem like it is not an active ingredient may just be the facilitator that makes the plant work to nurture our body systems.

Our herbal products look and smell like the plants we make them from, no fillers or chemicals. For maximum benefits, herbal products should be taken as suggested on the label. The suggested amount derived from years of study, personal use and time honored herbalist I diligently reference.

"ALWAYS" start with the lowest dose and "do not" exceed the maximum dose.

The food and drug administration have not evaluated information on this website.
These products not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Always consult a qualified health-care practitioner and knowledgeable Herbalist.
Prescription and over the counter drugs “do not” always mix with Herbal products.

Thank you (Wado)

With A Loving Spirit, Rhonda

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