How we got started

I am a well studied herbalist and continue to further my plant knowledge. My interest started in 1980, using herbal teas, looking for a cure for psoriasis, which has afflicted me since I was 18 months old. In 1991, my studies deepened and read everything; I could get my hands on. I began buying natural herb books. Making tinctures, oils and ointments.

Through trial and error, I discovered recipes that work for my family and me. The next thing you know friends are asking what herb would help this ailment or that, not knowing all the answers I would study and let them know what I had learned. Then where can you get it? I began packaging and selling. I have gone through the riggers and slings of labeling laws and disclaimers.

In the beginning, I made tinctures using apple cider vinegar, WHOA, wow the taste. I switched to alcohol, but was really against using alcohol, due to my personal belief about alcohol. Then I discovered glycerine, much better, so much more palpable.

Tinctures are now made using Glycerine, Distilled Water, Alcohol and the plant material, this is to ensure good extraction of medicinal plant properties and add shelf life and preventing bacteria.

My first ointments were made using Vaseline, there too I had a problem with putting petroleum on my skin.

Through years of research, I discovered one could use many other oils and waxes in combination, which are skin friendly. Over the years, I have developed many herbal recipes and products. All-Natural-Herbs ©, is a sole proprietor, woman owned and operated, built from scratch business.

Business established in 1991, providing for relatives and friends. I started with just making about 10 tinctures for cold and flu season and a couple of creams for cuts and scrapes.

My interest became an intense passion. I am interested in overall human health and healing, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.

I personally needed to get away from chemicals and prescription drugs. Have alternatives that are not just a band-aid covering up a deeper problem.

Products are handmade; the only equipment I use is a commercial grinder, herb press, a small capsule maker, dehydrators and mason jars for macerating the plant material. Growing to filling the bottle, creating the label, all done by hand.

October 2005 I began building an online business, having already been traveling to Pow wow’s, culture events and various local events vending.

Credit where credit is due: My number one business partner is my grandson Dra: He is a great inspiration and loves gardening and picking flowers, we hike and gather where he can get around easily. Moral support from all my family members, my mother Marilyn, Aunt Jo Ann, both of my grown children Dawn and Curtis, numerous close friends, this is invaluable. I am very grateful for these people in my life and having interest in alternative healing, helping where I need help.

Thank you all!

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