Hi my name is Rhonda

I was born in the fall of 1961, the oldest of three children; I have two younger brothers, our parents living in California at the time. We moved to Oregon in 1963, where I have lived since.

I grew up in Oregon along the coast, in rural areas; I love the outdoors and nature.

Our dad always told us we were Dutch, Devil and Bulldog. Then he would tell us about our heritage, Cherokee, Choctaw, Dutch, Black Dutch, Scotts, Irish, Welsh, French, German, and Norse I am very proud of all that I am.

My life changed in the fall of 1991, for the better. I began to attend Pow Wows, the heartbeat of the drum was soothing, and I was home. I learned more about my native culture and native culture in general. I have been a part of and attended native ceremonies since. In 1995, the year of the mud bowl dance, everyone that was there will always remember that year; I went on the hill, looking into my life...what am I supposed to be doing here, what is my purpose? I said my prayers. I asked about the plant people, I had been learning about and what to do. The answer was very simple...keep doing what you are doing.

The next year I became a grandma; my first-born grandson came into this world. Unknown at the time, he would come to live with me and I would be his guardian. I am a daughter, sister, mother, auntie and grandmother, herbalist, gardener and crafter. I have two grown adult children and four grandchildren, all I adore and love with my whole being.

All-Natural-Herbs© is something done from the heart with goodwill and happiness intended.

A gift is been given to me that I may learn, grow, help others, and nurture Mother Earth. I accept this gift. Many things inspire me: my heritage, a spiritual awareness, and events in my life, nature, and the tides of emotions. I hope to be able to help humankind and share my knowledge, with others.

Thank you


I am not a medical professional; I do not diagnose, treat or prescribe. I bring you personal experience and plant information. I am a studied herbalist beginning in early 1980.
Information on this website given for educational and enlightenment purposes so any person, who chooses, can make a well-informed personal health care decision.
Have an alternative and find what works best for them. Including, using a combination of both herbs and allopathic medicine. One must be well informed. Not all herbs work the same for all people.
I always caution and say herbs are drugs, they are nature’s drugs, some can heal, and others will kill. This is very important!

The food and drug administration have not evaluated information on this website.
These products not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Always consult a qualified health-care practitioner and knowledgeable Herbalist.
Prescription and over the counter drugs “do not” always mix with Herbal products.


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